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To our community:


At the risk of stating the obvious, it’s been a challenging stretch. A stretch that has introduced a certain degree of change to our day-to-day lives as we navigate the new world. I can say with confidence that there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, though: the love we have for our pets and the priority we place on their welfare.


With that in mind, I’d like to take a brief moment to express my gratitude for your support during these trying times. I’d then like to look ahead—where do we go from here?


First, my appreciation. No business went unaffected by COVID, including ours. During the early days of the virus, there were understandably questions about its spread through animals, which were assumed by many to be its source. Could pets be infected? Could we contract coronavirus from dogs? Could we give it to them somehow? A general concern for safety combined with the eventual shutdown put the need for dog-walking services at an all-time low.


Thanks to your ongoing support, The Fido Group was able to pull through stronger than ever. We found ways to work around unforeseen obstacles to ensure your dogs were cared for properly. We stayed true to our alliances with animal welfare organizations, which sustained our mission even when we were in a precarious position. In short, you stood behind us as we broke down wall after wall before us.


And we can’t thank you enough for it.


Now, how does this translate to our partnership moving forward? Like this: we will put your best interests first and foremost just as we always have. This means we are following public safety protocols –– social distance, frequent handwashing, masks, and vaccines. It means working with you on a plan for your dog that gives you peace of mind as we continue our cautious recovery. Above all, it means providing the same standard of excellence in service that you’re used to from The Fido Group.


I’m excited about what the future holds. Whether you’re one of our wonderful clients or someone looking for a partner in pets, we promise to do our part to make your life easier. After all, we’re all in this together—us, you, and of course, the pets.



Christopher M. Bota

President | The Fido Group