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How We Get the Ball Rolling

We provide dynamic courses for puppies in a controlled, safe environment. Puppies enjoy dog park-like experiences as they’re introduced to new sounds, smells, and people from a young age. 

“Chris and The Fido Group have been extremely helpful in socializing our puppy during the pandemic. Our puppy was fairly anxious the first time but after that has really loved to play with the other puppies and I have appreciated the break it gives me. Ozzie comes back happy and tired. Chris is reliable and responsive and will be my first choice for dog walking services once I return to the office.”
Christine T.
Person walking two dogs

Puppy Love

House with heart and dog paw
Class sizes range from 8-12 dogs
Person and dog hugging
This course is completely free to dog owners
Clock with dog behind it
Classes are 50 minutes in length
Calendar with an Animal Paw
Each course consists of eight classes over a one-month period
Dog jumping
Dynamic training is designed to engage your pup from start to finish

Learning On the Go

As an owner, you play an important role in your puppy’s development. Learn basic commands and behavior, what good and bad play look like, and how to intervene.

“What a fantastic service! We've been using Chris and The Fido Group for years and they always, absolutely, without fail put the health and happiness of our dog as their top priority. We completely trust Chris and his team with our pup. And she loves and trusts them. Couldn't recommend them more highly!”
Bob L.
Sitting dog

Mastering the Basics

Research shows that dogs must receive adequate socialization at a young age to establish good behavior and proper interactions with other dogs and their owners as they grow. We teach all of the basics from the very start so that your puppy is guaranteed to start off on the right paw.

Dog with leash in its mouth
Simple Commands
Puppies learn all of the basic obedience commands, from "sit" to "stay" and everything in between.
Dog with toy in its mouth
Early Socialization
Give your puppy a safe place to learn, play, and explore. Puppies are grouped according to size and weight.
Dog standing on back legs
New Sights and Smells
Expose your puppy to sensory input so they can enjoy outdoor and social activities stress-free.