Beyond the Walk


We take pride in the boutique dog-walking service we provide Washington DC’s Upper Northwest community. Our professional approach and humanitarian values come from our love of dogs and desire to care for this great area.


That said, it’s because of these values that we don’t limit our practice to a handful of ZIP codes. In addition to meeting the needs of busy families locally, The Fido Group offers proactive support that impacts pets on a larger scale.


We do this in the most effective way possible: by enabling advocacy and charity across the broader animal ecosystem.


Powerful Pet Platform


When it launches, our Pro-Bone-O blog will be dedicated to animal welfare through timely, welfare- and protection-focused content. To accomplish this, we’ll be relying on recognized experts to contribute their knowledge on a continual basis. This will keep pet professionals and owners current on legislation affecting our industry.


That, in fact, is the very core of Pro-Bone-O’s mission. It will provide a digital platform for attorneys, policymakers, and other stakeholders to use in strengthening the animal welfare movement. By leveraging a built-for-purpose setting hosted by a respected industry brand, they can broadcast their messages to even more individuals seeking to effect positive change in their own communities.


Pro-Bone-O is a natural extension for a business like ours whose clientele leans heavily toward law professionals in America’s legislative epicenter. With help from specialists in this field, we’ll grow awareness of key legal and political issues to ultimately drive fundraising efforts that support pet rescue and animal welfare organizations across the country.


Meeting a Need


Pro-Bone-O isn’t a side outlet for a niche interest. The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that nearly four out of every 10 households in the US own a dog. Considering that that 75% acquire them from somewhere other than a breeder, it’s clear that a vast population of owners values rescue animals.


Despite this sizable interest in pet wellness, blogs dedicated to it are scarce. Those that do exist are often outdated or lack depth when it comes to critical issues in this space.


Rather than offering advocates a single perspective, Pro-Bone-O will be a well-rounded, up-to-date portal inviting experts from across the animal law spectrum to weigh in on such issues. We’ll welcome other relevant leaders whose insights can help fulfill our mission as well. In our view, the greater the collaboration, the greater the good.


Stay Informed


Watch for Pro-Bone-O coming in early 2022. In the meantime, sign up now to begin receiving regular updates directly to your inbox as soon as it launches. We look forward to being your go-to online resource for animal law and advocacy.