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Fido Group’s core purpose is to meet the pet care needs of busy families with demanding work obligations and other responsibilities. The word “Group” in our trade name is both a nod to our many attorney clients and a reference to our trademark service, the Group Dog Walk.

Why Our Clients Rely on Us

Families in the Upper Northwest community are familiar with Fido Group because they often see our staff walking small groups of dogs in the neighborhood. Our dependable, professional service allows people with pets to take comfort in knowing their dogs are well cared for and getting the maintenance, enrichment, and socialization they need. Our clients consistently trust us to safely manage the livelihood of their pets, the keys to their homes, and their confidential information.

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Who Our Services Are For

One in 12 DC residents is an attorney, according to the American Bar Association and the U.S. Census Bureau. Long hours, countless meetings, and stress characterize the life of a DC working professional, which is why we created a spin on the traditional law firm to provide pet care services. 

We serve two of the busy pet owner’s most pressing needs:

My Dog Needs Consistency

You have a busy work schedule and a bustling family life. Although you yearn to give your dog good walks and social outlets on a consistent basis, you simply don’t have the time to provide proper maintenance. It’s also important to you that your pet has the opportunity to socialize with other animals. We offer:

  • Flexible times to work around your schedule
  • Around-the-clock service
  • A modern, digital booking platform
  • An end to your search for reliable pet care

Our Onboarding Process

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My Dog Needs Companionship

Our service has been proven to work wonders for lonely pets who need more socialization, exercise, and enrichment. If your dog has had little to no exposure to other dogs, the Group Dog Walk is the perfect opportunity for them to learn to interact well with others. Other benefits include:

  • Small group sizes for prime socialization
  • Safe, closely monitored interactions
  • No minimum booking requirement
  • Flexible scheduling

Benefits of Group Walking

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Our Trademark Service

As “Your Partner in Pet Care,” we help our clients save time with their dogs. Whether it’s the portion of the day you spend walking the dog yourself or the hours per week you spend at the dog park, we’re here to help lighten the load.

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Group Dog Walking

During the Group Dog Walk, your dog walks with 1-5 additional dogs on leash in a safe neighborhood setting in the District. With safety as our top priority, due diligence is necessary. Therefore, our extensive onboarding process includes an application, a meet-and-greet session to get to know you and your dog, and “Moon’s Exam,” which includes a trial walk and temperament test.

Let's Get Started

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Travel Services

Structured, at-home pet care to meet your leisure, business, or emergency travel demands.

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Areas We Serve

We provide in-home pet care solutions to Upper Northwest, DC—the world's largest legal community.

Our neighborhoods include American University Park, Barnaby Woods, Cathedral Heights, Chevy Chase DC, Cleveland Park, Forest Hills, Friendship Heights, McLean Gardens, Observatory Circle, Palisades, Spring Valley, Tenleytown, Van Ness, Wakefield, Wesley Heights, Westmoreland Terrace, and Woodland Normanstone.


Why Trust Us with Your Pet?

Fido Group is a licensed, bonded, and insured dog-walking company that provides family-friendly services 24/7/365. You and your pup need breaks—not us.

Safety and stellar service are our highest priorities. We always respond promptly to help keep life simple for you and your pets. Our services are user-friendly, professional, and reliable, and they meet the highest standards of pet care.

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Helping Local Animal Welfare Organizations

We contribute consistent financial and volunteer support to local animal organizations in the DMV. Inspired by the true-life story of Fido, the most loyal and recognizable rescue dog in the world, our goal is to help animal welfare organizations save and improve the lives of animals.

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Fido's Daily Routine

Daily routines play a big role in success both in and out of the workplace. It’s no different with pets. From exercise to meal times to bathroom breaks, a regular routine and best-in-show service keep them happy and healthy when you’re not home.

A Day in the Life at Fido Group


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We leverage our standing in the community to retain resources for emergency animal rescue situations and special events around the District and beyond. Visit our blog to learn more about specific happenings where we've provided assistance. 

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