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We’re There When You Need Us Most

Overnight business travel. People-only vacation. Sudden long-distance emergency.

All sorts of events can pull you away from home, and not all of them are pet-friendly. Not to worry, we have you covered when they can’t tag along.

Our travel service ensures your dog is cared for during extended trips. Best suited for adult dogs over a year old, this service provides multiple group walks, all meals throughout the day, and other support to keep you care-free no matter how long you’re gone.

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How Our Travel Services Work

You have enough to think about ahead of a trip. Our turnkey service gives you confidence that this important part of your life is secure as you’re packing and prepping.

Scheduling and Administration

Booking travel services work just like our group walks. Our client portal makes setup fast. We email you a report card after each walk letting you know everything is taken care of at home. Then, once you’re back, payment is handled through the same easy process you’re used to with our regular walks.

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Travel Services Onboarding

Like group walk onboarding for new clients, we’ll do a home tour before we get started. This is an important step because it allows us to do several things:

  • Learn where you keep supplies, food, and anything else we need to care for your pet and home.
  • “Puppy-proof” the living area so there’s no chance of your dog getting into dangerous situations overnight.
  • Choose the ideal location for any nanny cams you’d like to use to keep an extra eye on your furry family member.
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Daily Itinerary

Your dog’s daily routine is similar to what he/she would experience with us while you’re in town, just with a few more group walks and feedings. A typical day in the life looks like this:

  • Four (4) total visits from early morning to late evening
  • Visits include group walks as well as meals according to your dog’s schedule
  • Specific home tasks such as checking mail, rotating lights, and maintenance upkeep are performed by request
  • Report card emailed after each visit
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Full-Service Benefits for Both Them and You

There’s no substitute for peace of mind. We’re here to keep your dog happy and your home in order so you can focus on business, pleasure, or whatever else lures you away for a while.

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Consistency with exercise, feeding, sleep, etc. is crucial for maintaining your dog’s well-being. Day and night, weekdays and weekends, holidays or otherwise, we’re there to keep things on track. No need to make the classic request “Would you mind letting them out?” to friends and family. After all, they have routines, too!
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Lengthy flight delay? No problem. Just want to relax after an exhausting trip? We understand. You don’t need to worry about getting back by a certain time. We automatically include all four group walks and other services into the evening unless you tell us otherwise. That’s what peace of mind is all about.
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Your dog gets to stay home in a familiar space. This mitigates feelings of abandonment, which is especially beneficial for rescues who fear a return to the animal shelter. It also adds convenience to your schedule by eliminating time-consuming before-and-after runs to a boarding facility. Instead, come home to an excited greeting from Fido.
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A single go-to resource for your pet's needs while you’re away can be invaluable. Not only are there fewer caretakers to keep in touch with but there are also fewer people going in and out of your home. We provide the same reliable, trustworthy service you’ve come to expect from our group walks while ensuring consistency in your dog’s daily interactions.
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We recognize that you’re not just leaving your pet—you’re leaving your entire home. We’re happy to discuss additional tasks we can perform during visits to arrange a truly bespoke solution for you and your family while you're out of town.


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