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A Timeless Option for Walks While You're Away

The philosophy behind our service traces back more than 60 years to the country’s first professional dog-walking company. Based in New York City, it immediately favored groups over solo trips. That’s because multi-dog walks led by an expert are an excellent way to satisfy your canine’s range of social and physical needs.

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Dog Temperments

Regardless of location, some owners have concerns that their pets’ temperaments aren’t suitable for this setting. The truth is, most of the time their behavior will adapt to the makeup of the group. Our services are supervised by professionals who know exactly how to keep all dogs in their care safe and happy. Even those with a history of anti-social tendencies often end up thriving in our Group Dog Walk.

Much has changed since the 1960s, but positive, time-tested techniques tend to endure.

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The Many Benefits of Group Dog Walks

Our clients have come to love the Group Dog Walk for their pets. That includes those who at first may have been concerned about the way their dogs might react. Once owners see how positively these walks impact their four-legged family members, they understand why we make them such a focus at Fido Group.

The list of Group Dog Walk benefits is long, but it can be boiled down into two main categories: socialization and health.

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Socialization Benefits

  • It’s crucial for younger dogs to interact with other dogs early to help prevent behavioral issues later. Our walks offer this opportunity for adolescents transitioning into adulthood.
  • Packs can condition positive behavior over time. Timid dogs open up, aggressive ones simmer down, and other personality quirks tend to be shed through group influence.
  • Trained dogs are great role models who can actually transfer their habits to others, particularly those struggling on the leash. Dogs who see peers rewarded for good behavior are more likely to do so as well.
  • The Group Dog Walk isn’t obedience school, but dogs do learn important skills such as not pulling on the leash and keeping pace rather than trying to control the activity.
  • The hustle and bustle of our nation’s capital makes exposure to other people and desensitization to various outdoor noises a must for early development.
  • Teaching proper group behavior is invaluable for future trips to the vet, day care, and boarding facilities. It also keeps everyone comfortable during visits to pet-friendly offices.

Health Benefits

  • Like us, regular activity helps keep dogs physically and mentally fit. It reduces the risk of obesity, improves circulation, and keeps the immune system strong, among many other benefits.
  • A sedentary lifestyle isn’t just unhealthy, it can also be dangerous. Stimulation from Group Dog Walks prevents destructive behavior that may result from boredom or restlessness.
  • Dogs, like people, are social creatures. Play and companionship with other dogs is emotionally beneficial for them, too, especially if they’re typically home all day alone.

How We Keep Your Dog Safe in a Group

As dog owners ourselves, we understand the importance of safety. It’s our highest priority.

Onboarding Process

That’s why your pet undergoes an extensive onboarding process before formally joining any group. Among other things, this includes evaluating your dog’s temperament. It’s critical to identify certain personality traits in order to place them in the proper setting. For instance, we’d never put two alphas in the same group since each would try to dominate the pack.

Learn More About the Onboarding Process

Improving Process

Just as importantly, like our hardworking clients, we don’t settle for the status quo. We’re always finding ways to improve our processes in order to give our dogs and their owners the best possible experience. We even utilize a company dog, Moon, to hone new concepts and evaluate prospective dogs during our onboarding process.



In fact, Moon herself is often part of our groups. She loves to tag along and make friends in the area. As a fully trained and rehabilitated Korean Jindo dog meat farm survivor, Moon’s the perfect companion for integrating both large and small dogs of any disposition before introducing prospective dogs to pre-existing clientele.

Moon, a Dog Meat Farm Survivor

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Day in the Life
We can talk endlessly about what makes Group Dog Walks special, but sometimes it helps to put things in a bit more context. Our Day in the Life page offers a detailed look at your pet’s experience with our walkers and other dogs.
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Onboarding Process
Also be sure to visit our Onboarding Process page to see how we approach evaluating and integrating your dog into our groups.

Group Dog Walk FAQ

Below are the most common questions we receive from dog owners about our group walks.


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