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When a Dog Is More Than a Pet

Fido, the classic dog name, is often overused in pet commerce to help distinguish pet-related businesses. To truly understand what Fido means to us, you need to know who he really is—or rather, who he was.

Fido's Animal Hospital Building

The Real-Life Fido of Historical Fame

A Street Dog in Tuscany, Italy

One evening on his way home from work in 1941, an Italian man named Carlo Soriani came across an injured mixed-breed puppy. He took the poor creature home, nursed him back to health, and adopted him as his own. For several years, the dog would follow him everywhere, including to and from the bus stop Carlo used for work each day.

Dog walking down street

The pup would wait patiently in the nearby square for his caretaker to return and excitedly welcome him back as he stepped off the bus. His devotion earned him the name Fido, translated from the Latin word “fidus,” which means faithful.

That steadfast devotion would continue long after Carlo failed to come home after work one day. In 1943, Carlo’s factory was hit during a WWII air raid. Fido couldn’t possibly have known what happened, but nonetheless, his faithfulness never wavered. Every single day for the remainder of his life, Fido made the same trip from the same house to the same bus stop and back again, looking for his master.

Dog laying down on the street

The story of his devotion soon spread beyond the town and even the country as international publications, including TIME magazine, captured his story. Borgo San Lorenzo, his hometown, even honored him with a gold medal and his own bronze statue. Once destined for life on the street, Fido became the stuff of legend.

Fido dog statue

Fido passed away in the only way befitting his name: waiting for Carlo to come home from work. The best friends reunited when Carlo’s wife laid Fido to rest near her husband’s cemetery. His days of waiting were over and his enduring patience was finally rewarded.

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No Dog Left Behind

Fido’s story is special, but not uncommon. We often hear similar themes from our clients when we first meet their dogs.

Dog shaking a persons hand

To honor the rescued animals residing in our community, we have always kept—and will always keep—corporate social responsibility at the forefront of our agenda.

After all, it's what Carlo would want—and what his faithful Fido has earned.

Dog shaking a persons hand

Charitable Contributions

We help fund animal welfare-related organizations to ensure dogs with stories like Fido's find forever homes.

Person handing a sitting dog a bone

We welcome those who seek accountability and transparency in the businesses they support. Keep reading to browse our impact on 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations dedicated to rescuing, advocating, and protecting animals.

Learn About Our Partners

Person handing a sitting dog a bone

Impact and Statistics

Animal-related philanthropy is a significant part of Fido Group's mission. We've donated tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time to support the life-saving work of others.

269 Dogs Sponsored
7 Organizations Benefited

Our Impact

Our financial support of animal welfare and protection-related 501(c)(3)s to date translates to:

  • 399 spays and neuters performed 
  • 1,632 preventative flea & tick doses
  • 3,590 vaccinations administered
  • 75,387 meals donated to shelter dogs
Dog holding a scale in its mouth

Fido's Story in Practice

We use a rescued company dog, Moon, to assess prospective clients who are interested in using our services. As a fully trained and rehabilitated dog meat farm survivor from South Korea, Moon is the perfect companion for integrating large and small dogs of any disposition before introducing prospective dogs to pre-existing clientele.


Learn About Our Onboarding Process

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