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Onboarding That's as Easy as It Is Valuable

Like the way many of our clients conduct their own businesses, we don’t blindly jump into potential partnerships. Rather, we take the time to get to know new families and dogs so that we can personalize our service for their needs.

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Simple Setup and Productive Sessions

Our process follows a natural progression from initial discovery to in-person onboarding. We make it simple to set up time online and provide the information we need for efficient, productive sessions. Making your life easier is why we’re here in the first place, so the last thing we want is to give you even more email or busy work to dig through.

At the end of the day, a thorough onboarding process saves time and money by leaving you confident that you’ve found the right long-term partner for your pet. 

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3 Simple Stages to Start Your Dog-Walking Service

We use the same reliable process for all types of dogs. Our clients appreciate not only our straightforward-yet-thoughtful approach, but also how quickly they become comfortable with our team as a result.

Onboarding at Fido Group is organized into three main stages: discovery, onboarding, and setup. Each contains various steps designed to keep things moving safely and efficiently.

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Book a consult

You can schedule an initial consultation on our website in seconds. All we need is some basic contact information and you’ll be able to reserve a 15- or 30-minute virtual session.


You’ll receive a confirmation email for your booking with a link to an online data form. Every family and dog is different, so the details we collect here— breed, size, medications, known commands, etc.—will help us make the most of our call. 

Virtual meeting

During our first session, we’ll talk about the type of support you’re looking for and how we can meet your needs based on our specialty and availability. Furthermore, we will create an account for you in our scheduling system, Time To Pet (TTP), and precisely document your needs.

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Book a meet-and-greet

If both parties believe Fido Group is a fit, we’ll then book an in-home meet and greet after the initial consultation.


We’ll arrive at your home on your preferred day and time to meet with you and your dog(s). This includes a brief equipment inspection before our initial walks as part of our safety-first protocol.

Individual walk

The first walk will be with your dog only. A quick circuit without family members or other dogs is important for gauging behavior in a one-on-one setting.

Moon's exam

Moon, our company dog, socializes well with temperaments of all kinds. We like to pair potential clients with Moon first to see how they do with a new dog.

Group walk

If all goes well with Moon, we do a test run with a group we’ve identified as ideal for your pet’s personality. We go slowly, introducing one dog at a time in a neutral outdoor space, then integrate them into a full-sized group.

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Group walk debrief

We return to your home after the group dog walk and share our observations. As long as we don’t see any potential safety issues for your dog, others in our group, or the community, they’re in!

Home access

If you decide to move forward, we’ll request a quick walk-through of only those places in your home that we may need to access for treats, towels, etc. We’ll also ask about entry, including a key or code to the door you’d prefer we use.

Arrival time window

We’ll assign an arrival time window to accommodate your schedule, create consistency in your dog’s routine, and safely match the temperaments of our various groups. You’ll see a convenient reminder for this in TTP each time you log in.

Schedule service

Once we have everything we need to care for your dog, all that’s left is booking the service itself. Simply go back to the client portal and set up your group walk schedule.